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religion and science, and "the chosen religion"

I get really tired of hearing people say "religion and science should find peace" "religion and science go hand in hand" "religion and science dont need to fight"

fact of the matter ladies and gentlemen, science and religion do not and have not fought...that is a personal thing, religion and science have never contridicted one another unless a specific religion targets science, in which case it is no longer a valid religion (rejecting science is rediculous...chistian scientists. you know who you are and how stupid you sound)

religion and science have never actually fought.
People have fought "in the name of science"
and "in the name of religion"
that is meaningless...

and another thing...

wtf is with this "any religion who believes they are the only ones who are right or are the chosen ones is stupid"
what else are they supposed to believe? Are Christians who are taught there is one god named God supposed to suddenly accept that Brahma exists?

(to quote the awesome one, The Miz.)
Each religion MUST see itself as the only one that is right, or it no longer makes any sense whatsoever...

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religion and science, and "the chosen religion", posted November 27th, 2012, 2 comments

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